FLAMANT | Refined Structures | Chevron

FLAMANT | Refined Structures | Chevron

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An ode to tradition

Never change a winning team. After all, this is not the first time that Arte and Flamant have launched a new product that has become an instant success. Now, they have done it again with a brand new collection of wallcoverings: Flamant Suite IV - Refined Structures.This collection is classic, traditional, refined and versatile – everything that we are used to from this duo.And yet,it is somehow just a little bit different than usual. It is clear that Arte and Flamant keep a very close eye on trends. Once more, they have reinterpreted the very latest trends in a unique fashion that does not break with the highly acclaimed Flamant style.

Flamant Wallpaper Online Shop | Free Shipping

Description: Non-woven wallcovering with a refined texture

Dimensions: Rolls of 8.50 m x 0.70 m

Match: Free match 0 cm

Adhesive: Adhesive for non-woven wallcovering like Arte Clearpro, or Metyl Special (200 g in 4 l of water) with the addition of 20% PVA adhesive

Fire retardancy: B-s1, d0

Light resistance: Good lightfastness

Washability: Extra-washable

How to paste: Paste the wall

How to remove: Strippable