ARTE | Mahlia | Gradient

ARTE | Mahlia | Gradient

  • Price per panel
  • Panels of 2.04 m x 3.30 m (Rolls of 9.90 m (3 x 3.30 m) x 0.68 m = 6.73 m²)
  • Available in 4 colours (scroll down to see available colours)
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Age-old handicraft embellishes trendy interior

The art of knitting has been practiced for thousands of years, but nobody knows who invented it. We don’t even know its origin. The earliest known examples of knitting are stockings found in Egyptian graves. This ancient technique, which creates an elastic textile made from one long thread, is trendier than ever.

Description: Striking vinyl wallcovering with metallic effects

Dimensions: Panels of 2.04 m x 3.30 m (Rolls of 9.90 m (3 x 3.30 m) x 0.68 m = 6.73 m²)

Match: Straight match 330 cm

Adhesive: Adhesive for non-woven wallcovering like Arte Clearpro, or Metyl Special (200 g in 4 l of water) with the addition of 20% PVA adhesive

Fire retardancy: B-s2, d0

Light resistance: Good lightfastness

Washability: Extra-washable

How to paste: Paste the wallcovering

How to remove: Peelable