ARTE | Heliodor | Scale

ARTE | Heliodor | Scale

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Wallcoverings that glow like jewels

The collection that Arte is presenting here really is of a superior quality that surpasses all the superlatives. It is – very appropriately - named Heliodor. Heliodor (‘helios’ is Greek for sun) is a sunny yellow shade of beryl, a precious gem that is less well known than stones such as emerald.

The most amazing feature of this wallcovering is the fact that it is handmade. The basis is irregularly woven sisal in one colour. One of the threads however, has a subtle glow and the warp and weft varies, to produce a myriad of gorgeous colour gradations. In the next step, a pattern is cut from the sisal with painstaking accuracy. This must be done very carefully so that the fabric does not unravel. The cut-out elements are then combined and glued in a pattern to give a ‘trompe l’oeil’ effect. Varying the angle of the weave has created incredible effects of depth and relief.

Description: Hand-woven wallcovering, made from natural plant fibres (sisal)

Dimensions: Width 90 cm / available cut to size

Match: Straight match 11.25 cm

Adhesive: Adhesive for non-woven wallcovering like Arte Clearpro

Fire retardancy: B-s1, d0 / Class A

Light resistance: Moderate lightfastness

Washability: Washable

How to paste: Paste the wall

How to remove: Strippable